Kamis, 28 Mei 2015

Honda CRV Urban SUV Future 2017

New Honda CRV will come with a redesign planned for 2017 Honda CRV market models, the new model will be slimmer and looks strong, Honda will provide full support with a better engine system to provide fuel emissions are better for the future Honda models CRV. New Honda CRV comes with a more powerful, basic car will use a unique powertrains are expected for each model of Europe and the US, Honda CRV basic engine uses 1.6-liter diesel engine, which sends power to the front wheels. New rumors CRV North American gets a turbocharged drivetrain. 3-cylinder crossover popularity growing, experts predict turbo 1.5-liter VTEC will be the first choice, and produces an output of 200 hp, is expected to have better fuel economy and we expect a significant decrease in body weight for the new Honda CRV that car can be more agile and more aerodynamic. Many new features will the company's new model CRV, this car will be equipped with many impressive features that this car will be worth the wait as the Honda SUV future.

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Concept 2017 Honda CRV redesign comes with a more modern models, the SUV is very popular in the market, it is expected the new CRV models will come with a full re-design of the next generation of Honda CRV, the car will come with a good design, 2017 Honda CRV is expected to come up with dimensions that are longer and have a more slender body, Honda will improve the performance of the new engine 2017 Honda CRV, CRV is expected that the new engine will have a better economic value and more fuel-efficient, all-new 2017 Honda CRV SUV future. None of the changes will be applied in 2017 CRV. However, the designer of the Japanese car manufacturer company esta prepared a whole lot of modifications and updates. 2017 Honda CRV That possibility will get a whole new look in the crossover.

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