Kamis, 28 Mei 2015

Honda Future 2017 CRV

2016 Honda CR-V amazing engine lineup to offer. Aside from the engines that the current model is using, the 2016 CR-V will add one more choice for its European customers. It is the 1.6-liter diesel engine that uses the front-wheel drive. The base engine for the new model will most likely be a 1.5-liter VTEC turbo unit capable of producing 200 horsepower. In addition, the 2016 CR-V might get a brand new twin-clutch transmission which will improve its fuel economy and performance.

No big changes will be applied on the 2017 CRV. However, designers from this Japanese carmaker company prepared whole lot of modifications and updates. It is likely that 2017 Honda CRV will get whole new look inside the crossover. That means more comfort inside and nicer upholstery.  New grille and headlights could be part of that. Bumper, fog lights and roof, all should be tuned for 2017 CRV.

New 2016 Honda CR-V will look amazinG. The new model will be refreshed, with a new front fascia, redesigned bumpers and new fog lights. It will resemble Honda Fit a bit, but it will keep its dominant and calm exterior. The new model will also feature a new grille and a dashing pair of headlights, which will contribute to a bold and compact front look. Looking at it from aside, the model won’t look much different, and it will probably keep its dimensions the same. However, the New CR-V is said to offer more space and comfort than the current model. It will also have a restyled cabin which will be fully equipped using only the latest technology gadgets. In the end, the new model will receive a new upgraded suspension, which will improve its handling, stability, precision and agility. To sum all this up, the new Honda CR-V will be an amazing-looking vehicle which will be both comfortable and fun to drive.

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